Home Should Give Respite

Sober Living should have some semblance of normalcy and model a typical living situation. We don’t believe in more than 5 people in any one house. We aspire to a roommates in recovery atmosphere with accountability but some value on privacy. Giving personal space and individual comfort has potential for a longer stay, a longer stay grows st ability, stability makes opportunity and opportunity leads to success. Our residents who have short term plans benefit by having less changes in roommates during their time with us. The most important distinction we offer is not packing the house full.

Having the house packed with upwards of ten bodies and three to a bedroom is more of a premise for reality TV than a place for reflection. Halfway houses have many, many schedules happening all at once. There are lines for the bathrooms, someone is waking up and someone is going to bed. Someone is practicing drums and someone is trying to sleep. Tempers are rising and drama is brewing. Our houses have much conflict avoided right from the start.