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Real World Transitional - Transitional Housing Services


Real World Transitional - Transitional Housing Services


We were founded in July of 2017. The vision was to create a step down between halfway houses and independent living. The owners planned for operating a single home as side project to give back to the recovery community they are a part of. The model for Hannah’s house was based on Zach and Natasha’s good living situations in mid-term recovery. They felt like they got lucky and the paradigm did not serve others well.

Typically, after about six months in a halfway house family support is tapped and residents are incapable of paying fees independently. Because of financial strain choices are made. One path is residents move back home to old playgrounds and playmates. Sometimes two or three halfway housemates can come up with a few thousand dollars get a lease and move out together. Many times, residents will move in with a significant other after dating a few months. None of these options have good success rates. We believe this fork in the road can undermine the work done during the halfway tenure. Relations with community supports, friendships with other sober people and employment are uprooted. Real World was meant to give a better option, to grow independence and build on the foundation laid in treatment and halfway house living.

Over the years we have experienced overwhelming organic growth. Between 2017 and 2020 we grew from one residence and three beds to five residences and sixteen beds. We have found our more independent approach has a higher success rate then most sober living. By not packing a house full of as many residents that will fit, we design out many potential issues. We have been blessed to have our minds opened by our client’s different approaches to success. We have learned that we are appropriate for people leaving treatment. We are a better fit for many who have tried halfway before and not had success. We have focused on affordability and identified financial hardship as the most common barrier to rebuilding one’s life. Our work has evolved into providing safe, sober, sustainable housing. We are learning how important that is to so many walks of life. 

As of 2021 we plan to develop and grow with intention and full-time focus. We have been shown great need for what we do and are excited to build our community with all we have.